Our Colt Starting Program

I take a lot of pride in all the good colts we have started over the years.

I started training young horses from a very early age, as I grew up with parents who raised their own horses. If we wanted a horse as kids, we had to start them ourselves (with help from my Dad and trainer). So I always appreciated a young horse I started myself, and when my kids were young I gave them the same example and exposure. And now, even at their young adult ages they have both already made many great horses. Most of the horses we ride, sell, and use for lessons are horses we raised and started, and finished ourselves.

I try to expose the colts to many different environments. All our colts have been started on cattle and reining work.

I believe in lots of ground work and a slow, confidence-building approach to colt starting. I believe starting colts is a lot like building a house: "The bigger the foundation, the higher you can go!" All our colts have been started on cattle and reining work.

You have all these options:

  • We can start your baby for you.
  • You can learn to do it yourself with my help.
  • Or you can buy a young horse from us.

Give us a call about helping you with your next horse. (831) 206-9267.